Heidi Garcia

Heidi Garcia

Heidi began to study classical piano in 1992 with Paula McDougal in Stockton. She participated in the Certificate of Merit program for ten years as a child.

While she did love playing piano, her mom had to force her to practice daily and she was an endless frustration to Mrs. McDougal who relentlessly taught her for fifteen years.

In high school, a friend asked Heidi to teach their five year old daughter piano and almost immediately found herself teaching three students not just one. Because of her first three piano students she began calling her studio “Studio 3 Piano”. In a year Studio 3 grew to have fifteen to twenty students!

After graduating high school Heidi attended both Azusa Pacific University and Texas Tech University where she studied piano performance and pedagogy. She was not able to complete her degree due to illness and moved back to Stockton to focus on regaining her health. She began teaching for a music school in Stockton and her piano studio grew to around fifty students at that time. She often daydreamed about starting her own music school.

She continued to teach full time for five years but became discouraged by the idea that she had not earned her music degree as all of her teaching peers had. She decided quit teaching to help her parents open their private financial advising practice in 2009. During this time she tried to stop teaching piano to focus on becoming a financial adviser but after a few years gave into her musical calling and began working at Grace Presbyterian Church as their pianist where she would meet her husband Jesse (Jesus Garcia).

Her original dream of starting a music school began to show up again. She would even dream about it at night. Finally giving in, she began investigating office spaces and came across the beautiful Victorian house in downtown Lodi that is now B Sharp School of Music.

Her thrill in life is helping talented musicians become successful in their careers and thriving in what they love without starving to death. Her life lesson in it all is that sometimes success can come without the college degree. There is a chance that someday she might go back and get the music degree but for now she will just love what she does and do it well. She and Jesse live in Lodi and she still enjoys teaching piano.

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