Jesus Garcia

Jesus Garcia

Jesus Garcia grew up in South Gate California (Southern California) and began learning guitar in his early teenage years. He was inspired by a family member who played guitar.

When his sister bought him his first guitar the family began to realize that he had a genuine interest in music and signed him up for lessons at a music store in LA where he would later begin teaching. He began a punk rock band with some of his friends called Booked Till Friday and they began taking gigs every weekend at venues around the LA area.

In 2014 he moved to Stockton to pursue a Music Therapy degree at the University of the Pacific and will graduate in May of 2017. When he first moved to Stockton he began working at Grace Presbyterian Church in Lodi where he met Heidi, his wife. He began working with B Sharp shortly after and is one of the five original teachers that teaching at B Sharp when it opened in January of 2015.

He plans on becoming a licensed Music Therapist and will be an intern with Music to Grow On in Sacramento in the summer of 2017. His burning desire is to improve people’s lives through the science of music therapy in particular those who struggle with mental health. To learn more about music therapy you can visit

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