Welcome to Mountain Music School!

Our mission is to sharpen minds through music.

Our philosophy is that the best music comes from people that are passionate about learning and playing music.

why b sharp?

Our Lessons

We teach ALL ages. It’s never too late for anyone to learn.


We tailor our lessons to the student’s needs.


We don’t believe in stress! Lessons should be challenging but fun!

Our Teachers

We provide qualified teachers who love music and teaching it.


Our teachers are actively involved in local performing opportunities that students and their families can come and enjoy.


We offer performance opportunities to our students.

Our Location

We provide a welcoming and safe place where all of the excitement happens.

Our students can learn several instruments all at the same place.

We are located in Scotts Valley, CA and are a part of many activities and festivities in town.

what we teach:

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meet the teachers!

come for a visit.



We are proud to be located in the Kings Village Shopping Center in Scotts Valley CA next to the Chamber of Commerce!