Lessons & Prices

Our mission is to sharpen minds through music.


Time and time again, music has been shown to improve the lives of those who engage with it. Be it fine motor skills, personal discipline, improved concentration, or even working well with others, music is so much more than just a hobby. It is an expression of life well lived.

Each one of our teachers is excited about helping you reaching your highest musical potential. We’re committed to your growth as a musician and performer. We know that creating safe, uplifting, positive environment is crucial to music making and to the individual growth of the person, and that’s exactly what you can expect from B Sharp School of Music.

We also believe that access to quality music education is important to the growth of our community and our students. In an effort to serve our community better, we keep our rates affordable, making this an investment that’s both financially savvy and personally fulfilling for you and your family.

We’re not just another music studio. We’re a family and we want you to feel right at home.

Instruments Available:

*Varies between Locations


Discount piano lessons are available through our piano teacher interns. Please call the Lodi location for more information!

Private Lesson Pricing:

30-minute lesson
45-minute lesson
60-minute lesson

Discount Piano Lessons now available with lessons taught by a piano teacher intern (LODI LOCATION ONLY!) Please call the Lodi Location for more information.

Please note: Hourly rate is based on one (1) student. Hourly rate is not split up between multiple students.  Rate is determined individually by location. Please inquire via our contact form or call your location for a specific quote.

Find an instructor and begin your B Sharp School of Music journey.

Toddler Music Lessons

We believe that the earlier your children are exposed to music, the better.


At B Sharp, we have options for your 2 1/2-5 year old!

Discount Piano Lessons

We are now offering discount beginner piano lessons through our Piano Teacher Internship program! 30 min lessons can be as low as $20 per lesson! Please call us for more details of how to sign up.