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Scotts Valley Music Summer Camp 2019

Scotts Valley Music Summer Camps 2019

Our music camp is a great way to keep your kids busy during the summer in a way that nurtures their creativity and musical curiosity! To sign up, please contact Sydney.  831-201-9605

Ages 7-17

Singing Club is the place for students ages 7 to 17 to come and use their voices in a fun group setting! We will be learning a selection of Broadway Showtunes to perform at the end of our 4 week session. Students will sing group songs together in harmony, learn the fundamentals of healthy singing, and have opportunities for solos! We will have a recital on Sunday, August 4th at the Skypark classroom.

Ages 7-11 will meet Mondays and Wednesdays from 10-11am, July 8th – 31st.

The cost for the 4 week session is $200 with early registration (before June 1st), and $250 after that.

Ages 12-17 will meet Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10-11:30am, July 9th – Aug 1st.

The cost for the 4 week session is $300 with early registration (before June 1st), and $350 after that.


Toddler Music Camp with Ms. Heidi

Location and Dates below

This is a 4 week music exposure and exploration class. It’s the perfect way to allow your child to explore musical instruments and be exposed to classical music, note reading and other foundational concepts that help your child become prepared for music making and learning. I recommend all of my toddler parents to try this course first before enrolling their child into 15 minute lessons with me. The class duration is 1.5 to 2 hours weekly- please see the schedule below for a basic idea of what happens each class. Repetition is a cornerstone to this camp!

Each week the routine is the same and new concepts will be sprinkled into what the children have already learned. There are scheduled breaks and playtime in between the learning times during these couple of hours. They will learn a series of songs, solfege with hand signs, note values, composers and more. This camp can be repeated with the understanding that every camp is essentially the same. I have created this template to teach to new groups of kids but returning students are welcome if they would like to do the same class again!

Hour 1
Say Hello Time
Talk about rules
Singing Time
Piano Time/Special Instrument Time
Talk about piano/Instrument
(Piano free play- need small battery keyboards or small instrument free play)
Shaker and dance time
BREAK- 15 mins
(Snack time)

Music theory time
Talk about Rockin Robin in the staff tree
Note Monster Song/Activity
Craft time
video time
Say goodbye


July 8th-Aug 4th Saturdays 9:30-11:30am SCOTTS VALLEY at B Sharp School of Music (216a Mount Hermon Rd. in the Kings Village Shopping Center)