Elizabeth Chan


ELIZABETH CHAN is a singer and teacher from Riverside, California. Following her debut at the age of 7, she has performed for countless crowds and venues all over the world. Her major roles include leads in operas such as Die Fledermaus, Hansel unt Gretel, La Nozze Di Figaro, Pirates of Penzance, and Die Zauberflote. She has trained and worked with music professionals such as Raejin Lee, Leslie Leighton, Eugene Villanueva, and Kimberly Sogioka amongst many others.

In addition, her flexibility of style and sound has made her versitile and popular amongst many groups. Her folk/jazz band has toured around the country several times and she is also a well-known church vocalist and worship leader across the nation.

Elizabeth is a passionate music teacher. She has taught students of all ages across California since the age of 15. She seeks to enrich the lives of all her students by inspiring a love for music

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