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Justine Lucas


Voice/Guitar/ Piano/ Songwriting


Justine Lucas is a singer, composer, and producer from San Francisco. She obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at San Francisco State University, where she majored in Fine Art building musical instruments in the sculpture studio, and minored World Music & Dance studying a wide variety of vocal styles from around the globe. Justine has been singing for 19 years and performing for 16 years, from playing local open mics for fun to headlining at The Great American Music Hall in SF for the release of her original jazz album in 2016.


A multi-instrumentalist, Justine plays fiddle, mandolin, guitar, and piano on a majority of her records. Her original music has been described as “softly haunting” by the SF Deli Magazine, and “world traveling… a sound that tells a story, fluttering from intimate to intense” by the SF Bay Guardian. She has put out 6 albums of her own music, several volumes of singles, and 4 albums with Bluegrass, Gypsy-jazz and Rock bands. She has recorded her own jazz compositions with members of George Benson’s big band, and has toured throughout the US and Canada promoting her albums.


As a voice teacher, Justine specializes in teaching you how to use your natural voice in a holistic way to comfortably sing and grow. “Even if a friend called you from an unknown number, you’d recognize their voice immediately. That’s because each person is born with their own unique speaking voice,” says Justine, “Your singing voice should sound like your speaking voice. Uniqueness is not something to be achieved, it is something inherent yet to be discovered.” Justine focuses on improving vocal range, tonality, breath control, and ear-training to get you singing and expressing yourself the way you want to. “Anyone can sing, all you have to do is let yourself try!”


As a music teacher, Justine uses techniques from various music genres to suit the music interests of the student on their instrument. She teaches Mandolin, Guitar, and Piano, as well as composition/ songwriting techniques on all three. She teaches songs, tunes, and techniques from all over the world upon the student’s request. Her main countries of musical influence and study are Ireland, France, Guinea/West Africa, Bulgaria/The Balkans, and Cornwall/The British Isles. She sings in French, Cornish, Welsh, Italian, and English, and works with foreign language coaches on her free time to perfect her accents when singing international songs.

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