Kaitlyn Patrick

Katie is a Piano Teacher Intern with B Sharp School of Music.

*Kaitlyn (Katie) Patrick is a piano teacher intern.

Music has always been an important aspect of Katie’s life. She started taking lessons at the age of eight under the tutelage of Mona Benight.  In High school she joined the First Baptist Church choir and sang with them for five years as well as joined the First Baptist orchestra playing violin.  Currently she is starting to major in Music at delta college and hopes to learn many more instruments along the way.

*What is a piano teacher intern?

A piano teacher intern an employed person by B Sharp School of music who is being trained to have more experience in teaching and are closely trained and monitored by the leadership and contacted B Sharp teachers. They have each been auditioned and have more than eight years of piano lessons. In order to complete the program, each intern must complete 50 hours of observation lessons of a contracted B Sharp teacher and are required to submit reports on observations and lessons taught to be reviewed and approved by Heidi Garcia.

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