Paul Fulton

Paul Fulton

My name is Paul Fulton and I grew up as the son of a successful musician spending much of my youth backstage and in rehearsal and recording studios. I received my first drum set when I was three years old. I began receiving private lessons when I was eight years old and joined the school band when I was twelve years old. I dedicated myself to practicing my instrument for two-three hours each day throughout my teenage years. I joined my first band and received my first paying gig when I was fifteen years old and have been involved with working bands ever since. That is over twenty years of experience in live performance. Additionally I spent three years in the orchestra pit and three years with the marching band, where I learned how to read music and play a variety of percussion instruments. In addition to the drums I have also devoted my time to learning to play other instruments including the guitar, bass, ukulele and piano.

Education and Experience:

I graduated from Bear Creek High School in 1996 and went on to San Joaquin Delta College where I received my Associate’s Degree in 1999. Currently I am attending Regent University where I will graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in English with a focus on Creative Writing in December of 2017. Creativity and the arts are my true passion. I have previously given drum instruction at the Stockton School of Music which is where I first met Heidi, the founder of the B Sharp School of Music. I also provided in-home instruction which lead to my proudest moment as a teacher – when one of my students won his school’s talent show! And I have taught all ages from elementary school children to retirees.


I believe in the importance of not only teaching someone to play their instrument but to listen to the other musicians that may be present, to function within the teamwork structure of a band and to support the song with their playing. I will help my students to achieve this goal through a building-block approach, in other words, we will focus on individual and independent systems that will later combine to make them great drummers. Many styles will be considered, including jazz, blues, pop, funk, rock, country, reggae, punk, metal and worship, for a well-rounded view of the art form. From the absolute foundational elements to the subtle complexities of performing with a group in front of an audience, we will explore the wondrous world of music and have fun along the way!

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